Presenting a renewed 500 Series lineup!

A new variation has been added to the ATB series’ "500 Series" lineup, which has updated specs and a modern look designed keeping the player’s needs as a priority!

What differentiates this new lineup to the original 201 models that use an ARS bracing design, is the "34 Bracing" Designed by Headway master builder Yasuo Momose with an inspiration on vintage guitars.


While the high-strength ARS has a "hard" character such as an articulate and strong tone, the 34 bracing has a "Gentle" character with a soft sound and a rich midrange.

Additionally, the "Ex-Slim U neck" is used for the neck, to remind everyone of the thinness that overturns the image of the conventional Headway neck.

The high stability characteristic of the Headway neck is of course maintained, and the rigidity is increased by the "high strength neck" specification with carbon bars.
Also, the exterior of the tuners and the center pattern on the body back have been changed so that the ARS and 34 version can be easily distinguished.

Lastly, remember that there are many features unique to the 500 series!
For further details, please check out the product pages!