Custom Shop builder - Yasui Masato

Unlike Momose Custom Shop guitars or Aska Team Build guitars, with this new line of his, Yasui is finally able to work on each guitar individually making each of different from each other and truly giving them a unique personality. It might deviate slightly from the traditional style that the Headway brand was founded on and strengthen throughout the years thanks to Momose, but the “Yasui Custom” truly walks its own path as its own Headway line of products.

Most of his guitars to date were made with the goal of having a sharp sound with a quick response as to allow for each and every note to be clear even on quick phrases.

The cross-section of the bracing inside the guitar is usually round-shaped but for the purpose of creating a straight and well-balanced sound it was shaped into a much more acute angle, making the cross-section into a triangular shape on some of his new models.

Yasui’s guitars are the kind of instrument that no matter how many times you perform on, there’s always a new quirk to discover, with intricate details and novel designs that will make for an amazing and entertaining experience every single time,

He, being a craftsman himself, always works his guitars with the hope the customers can enjoy them just as much as he enjoys designing and crafting them.

He thinks that the -Ideal guitar- really varies from person to person and listening to what everyone in the workshop, the players, and the staff of the music stores has to say is really helpful. There's still a lot to learn, but his goals remain to create everyone and anyone’s ideal guitar.


Yasui Masato custom model

Yasui Masato entered Headway team in 2002 after graduating from guitar builder school and soon started building guitars under the direct management of Momose Yasuo. In early 2010s, he was assigned to the leader of new Headway Aska Team Built range and further developped his skills through the experience. In a few years He finally started building his original Headway guitars on which his own unique ideas that were not seen on previous Headway guiatrs are incorpolated into. You can find all the custom models he has built so far in this page.