Headway - Extra Slim Grip Video Demo!


What comes to mind when thinking of a Headway guitar?
If you are familiar with the Headway, you probably think of it as a sturdy and reliable guitar.

One of Headway's manufacturing philosophies is "making instruments that can be played for a really long time with peace of mind”
To align with this philosophy, the neck on Headway guitars is also relatively thick, granting in addition, a great grip.
This neck grip has been favored by many guitarists and is known as one of Headway's uniquenesses. However, on the other hand, some people have avoided the Headway because due to this very characteristic.

In 2020, Headway is making a new "Extra Slim Grip" neck grip with a slim shape that sets it apart from previous designs!

*You can check the link below for an explanation of neck grips!


Demo video by Kazuki Isogai

The guitarist Kazuki Isogai gave a new Extra Slim U-equipped guitar a try!




The model used for the demonstration

Product page


According to Mr. Isogai, when going swapping from an electric guitar and the HC-581E A,S-ESU/ATB and back, you can’t really feel much of a difference in size and there’s no discomfort in going back and forth between them.
Mr. Isogai, who is a pretty active guitar player, has a fresh and useful take on the instrument and that is quite useful as manufacturers to further improve our products.

Extra slim grip commentary by Masato Yasui

We have uploaded an explanation video about this neck grip by Masato Yasui, Headway Technical Director!

We also introduced the standard "Narrow V Grip" and "Slim U Grip", and talked about the differences from the "Extra Slim Grip" this time.
The -Extra slim grip- is manufactured in two patterns, U shape, and V shape.

Currently producing HD and HF models!!

We are currently making HD and HF models that incorporate the Extra Slim U Grip and Extra Slim V Grip on our Headway Aska Team Build series.

The Headway Base model 2 shape will be completed at the end of July.