Headway JT Series' 4th special demonstration video - HOM-V100AS/D~


This is the fourth edition of the special project for the Headway -Japan Tune-Up series-.

In this special issue, we will introduce the only all solid wood model of the JT series, the Headway HOM-V100AS/D!


I’ll give a small explanation of the features of this "HOM shape" all solid wood model.

This time, HEADWAY custom shop builder Yasui talked about the charm points of the JT series.


Please take a look!




Body Top:Solid Sitka Spruce (Important!)
Body Side&Back:Solid African Mahogany (Important!)
Fingerboard & Bridge: Micarta
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Machineheads:Grover 102
Width at Nut:43mm


Which of these is a an all solid wood model???

The correct answer is the right one! The left one is plywood.

To be honest, I can hardly see the difference from the side, but when I change the viewing angle it looks like this.

The upper material is plywood, which is a board made by laminating multiple boards.
The material below is a single plate that is not laminated.
Plywood and solid wood each have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of plywood is that it is stable as a material and presents few problems while being worked, and the advantage of solid wood is that being a solid piece of wood is directly linked to the sound of the guitar due to the rich vibration of the wood.


Let's see which material is used for each Headway series.

・HEADWAY Universe (Affordable)
Mainly Plywood (Some models have solid wood tops)

・HEADWAY JT series(Intermediate)
Mainly solid wood tops, Plywood side and back  (Except for the HOM-V100AS/D)

All solid wood

As you can see, as we at Headway use solid wood the price range goes up.
The HOM-V100AS/D introduced this time is a model with an excellent cost-performance relationship that implements a solid wood construction while staying within a reasonable price range so can enjoy a more authentic acoustic sound!

HOM-V100AS/D Features

Body shape

With a  deep neck outline like the one found in the standard HF models.
Using a 643mm scale HOM shape is used for this model

In addition, the body thickness that determines partly the spread of the sound uses a "deep body" design like the HD shape.
It is easier to hold than the HD shape and has a wider range than the HF shape

Machine heads


We went for GROVER/102 which are used in the higher-class models such as ATB series,
Improving tuning stability. Only 3 JT series models use these machine heads.

Headway's techincal director, Masato Yasui's comments

"The HOM shape is a shape that is often used on the Aska factory's upper models and is a shape that balances ease of holding and volume. For the sake of ease of play, the neck grip is also thinner, string action, nut,  and fret treatment are all carefully done. This is true not only for this model but also for all models in the JT series, but because we are making it with the highest possible precision and quality, aiming for the level of a higher-class Aska factory model, the result is a guitar with a great pitch that feels great to play. We also carefully work the bracing so there isn't a gap left between it and the back wood, and carefully work the inner lining. 

Please give it a try if you have the chance!”