Osamuraisan's new HJ-523 Model!!


Osamuraisan’s main guitar is a Headway -HJ-523- that he’s been using for over 10 years at this point.

This model, which was produced in the mid-2000s only in small numbers, was once again in the spotlight throughout the years, and during 2015’s thanks to Osamuraisan:s influence using that original model we decided to make a recreation in the form of the -HJ-523 STD- (currently known as HJ-523 WX/STD).

And in September of 2020, Headway will launch a new model, the -HJ-523 Osamuraisan Edition-, which is based on the original HJ-523, but including Osamuraisan’s updates to decide on the new specs.

This new model more faithfully reproduces the original design of the original HJ-523 that was produced in the mid-2000s, and it even takes into account all the upgrades and customizations he has done throughout the years to fit his playing style.


Reproduction of the original HJ-523 specifications

For the development of this model, we took Osamuraisan’s HJ-523 guitar itself to the Aska Workshop and closely analyzed it to have the most accurate starting point possible.

Master builder Momose inspecting the guitar closely

It was the first time in a long time master builder Momose met with the original HJ-523, which has been made over 10 years ago Headway by himself. We have reconfirmed the specifications of the original HJ-523 in detail in order to reproduce the subtle nuances of the paint and decorative parts such as the rosette and purfling design

A picture of the HJ-523 Osamuraisan Edition Prototype in production. Both the rosetta patterns and purfling design aren’t really used nowadays so we had re recreate them.

The sunburst of the original HJ-523, which is slightly reddish, was reproduced while referring to the original guitar.



Osamuraisan's Specs

Also, we make sure to get the custom parts that Osamuraisan has used for many years right, and reproduce "Osamurai specifications" up to the low string action setting, fret size, and strap pin position, all of which make this model really easy to play. We really wanted to give everyone the chance to “Play with Osamuraisana’s guitar”, and for this, we needed to make a guitar that wouldn’t only have the very similar specifications, but that, at the end of the day would be approved by Osamuraisan himself.

Headway builder Momose and Yasui having a meeting with Osamuraisan

Osamuraisan uses a low string action setting so this model's design was adjusted to accomodate this


Certificate signed by Osamuraisan

Osamuraisan’s signature model HJ-OSAMURAISAN II already released from Headway JT series has the concept of "a guitar that is easy for beginners to play", while the HJ-523 Osamurisan Edition is a kind of more high-end guitar. To certify the genuine products, a certificate signed by Osamuraisan himself is included.


In addition to this, we are preparing special goods that will be included with the purchase!


Scheduled to be released in early September 2020!!

Headway is currently working on the HJ-523 Osamuraisan Edition for release in September 2020.
We will announce the details of this model on a special page that will be released at a later date, so please wait for further information!




Headway Standard Series HJ-523 Osamuraisan Edition
Exopected release September 2020