Masato Yasui - 2nd Concept Model!


In 2018, we produced a limited number of "HC-Y's Concept ATB" a model developed by Masato Yasui, one of the Headway custom shop builders, who brought the essence of many custom models into the Asuka team build series.
Now, two years later, evolving from that original design and all the latest improvements that current Headway models enjoy, comes the second concept presented by Yasui, almost ready to begin production.

While we wait for the final details of the design to be completed, let’s chat with the man himself, Mr. Yasui to get some insight about the guitar making process.
This time, let’s start with "how to choose materials?".
Yasui: "First, we need to decide what kind of finish we wanna give the guitar, what kind of bracing pattern we are going with. Based on these kinds of desired features, we will decide on what wood fits the necessary criteria for these.
The bracing pattern used for this model produces a rich bass sound, so we chose wood that matches the tone of the bracing pattern.


▲Masato Yasui selecting body top materials. “I actually match the mold of the body and imagine the completed form.”

▲”I cut out the material into the shape of the body and draw the bracing pattern that is going to be the key to an amazing sound.”

“Once you have decided on the type of wood to use, you have to select the actual piece of wood.
At the Aska Factory, we select wood when we purchase it, but we will further refine our selection from that stock.
One of the criteria at this point is to choose one that has a more straight grain and tight grain. This will give you a solid sound and a beautiful appearance when finished.

"White spruce" was selected as the top material for the second concept model. White spruce has a hard, crisp sound proper of spruce and has a beautiful white look, so I chose this material this time.”    

▲Body top material with the bracing pattern finished.

“Another important point is that by selecting materials with similar wood grain for the side material and the back material, it will lead to a beautiful side and back when completed.
For the back material we went with a 3P design that stacks the finest quilt mahogany with Indian rosewood.

The reason for using a 3P back is to bring an accent to the sound of the Indian rosewood used for the side back material for this bracing pattern, this will also widen the spectrum of sounds you are able to achieve with this model.
Of course, it looks great and gives a modern image.”

▲Indian rosewood being picked from the Aska factory stock.

▲We will match the selected Indian rosewood with the finest quilted mahogany.

Please look forward to this model that will be coming soon!